Door-to-Door Vehicle Transport

Door-to-door vehicle service

Door-to-door transport

Door-to-door transport is a service through which the driver will pick up the vehicle from the nearest location to your home. He will then deliver it to the closest location near your doorstep where he can safely and legally go.

This service makes it very convenient for you and saves plenty of time. It eliminates the need to go and pick the vehicle from a distant location. However, though, some cities may have restrictions on this kind of service. The reason is that they have certain laws and rules that regulate and control which type of vehicle can enter a particular area or locality.

In most places, in residential streets and apartment communities, semi-trucks, larger trucks or trailers are not allowed to enter. Of course, such vehicles require more room to navigate, steer, maneuver and move; which makes them an issue in such areas and so they are banned from entering.

Some concerns:

There is another concern regarding door-to-door service, and that is the weight of the vehicle. Not all roads and streets are designed to handle heavy vehicles. So, it is not legitimate for such a conveyance to enter residential premises or locality.

Since we offer this convenient service, we offer an alternative option of delivering your machine to the nearest parking lot or a large area enough, such as a school, college, shopping center or ground to accommodate the trailer and your car.

It is recommended that in such cases, to contact your customer representative and driver ahead of time and provide some flexible time slot to us and make sure that you or your authorized representative is there on the agreed location ahead of time to ensure the safe, secure, reliable and legitimate transport of your car.

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